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English MCQ’s for Preparation NTS, PPSC, FPSC

 01.What is the name of camel meat?

A. pig!

B. Beef

C. camel

D. Australia

Answer: camel

02.Which country is called the land of blue sky?

A. Mongolia!

B. Bhutan

C. Macedonia

D. None

Answer: Mongolia!

03.The first season of PSL happened on _______?

A. January 4, 2016

B. March 4, 2016

C. February 4, 2016

D. May 4, 2017

Answer: February 4, 2016

04.Who won the 2020 Kabaddi World Cup?

A. Azerbaijan!

b. pakistan

c. indian sea

D. Germany

Answer: Pakistan

05.It is the old name of Zambia

A. North Rodia

B. Southern Rhodesia

living room c

D. Siam

Answer: North Rodia

06.Is the capital of Serbia __________?

A. Ljubljana

B Madrid


D. Belgrade

Answer: Belgrade

07.Is the capital of Scotland ___________?

A. San Marino

B. Edinburgh

C. Belgrade

D. Bertislava

Answer: Edinburgh

08.The organs of the earth are called knives because they contain ______?

A. Nickel and ferrous

B nickel and magnesium

C. Nickel and silicon

D. None of them

Answer: Nickel and Ferrous

09. Was the Kremlin caught between the wars?

A. Russia and the Ottomans

B. England and Egypt

Crimea and Armenia

D. Russia and Japan

Answer: Russia and the Ottomans

10.When was the fast food chain McDonald’s founded?

A. 1940

B 1979

C nineteen ninety five


Answer: 1940


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