Amazing Change in Fuel Prices in Pakistan on March 2023

Change in Fuel Prices in Pakistan.

The gasoline fee has been increased by Rs22.20 to Rs272 per liter from Rs249.80

The High-Speed Diesel (HSD) fee has been increased by Rs 17.20 per liter from Rs 262.80 to Rs 280 per liter.

The kerosene oil rate has been improved by Rs 12.90 to Rs 202.73 per liter from Rs 189.83.

The price of light diesel oil (LDO) has increased by Rs 9.68 to Rs 196.68 from Rs 187.

The finance division said that the increase in price was due to the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee (PKR) applicable for the calculation of the current price period.

Detail of Change in Fuel Prices in Pakistan:-

The local currency fell sharply after the government allowed market forces to determine the exchange rate. During the last five months, the government limited dollar rates, which negatively affected export earnings and the inflow of remittances. On the other hand, the capping of the dollar resulted in a black market that made a huge difference between the rupee/dollar rate in the interbank and unregulated markets.

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To comply with the IMF conditions, the government has already announced a spectacular increase in gas prices. In addition, changes such as the mini-budget and other measures are expected.

Experts believed that a storm of price increases is inevitable after the changes made by the government to meet the IMF conditions.

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Change in Fuel Prices in Pakistan
Change in Fuel Prices in Pakistan

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