Computer MCQ’s for Preparation NTS, PPSC, FPSC

Computer MCQ’s for Preparation.

Detail of Computer MCQ’s for Preparation:-

 01.To display the contents of the folder in Windows Explorer, you must:

A. Click it

B. Drop it

C. Your name

D. Give the password

E. None of them

Answer: Click it

02.CPU includes control units, memory and ___________?

a microprocessor

B. Math/Logic

Output C

D. Rome

Answer: Math/Logic

03. _______________ When a web page appears, another document opens when clicked.

A. Anchor


C. Hyperlink

D Reference

Answer: hyperlink

04._____________ is a Windows utility program that finds and removes parts and rearrangements that expose files and unused disk space to improve processing.

or backup

B. Disk Cleanup

C drive defragmenter

D. Restoration

Answer: disk defragmenter

05._______________ is the most important/powerful computer in the common network?

A. Desk

B. Network Client

Network Server C

D. Network Station

Answer: network server

06.Is the software used to create text-based documents called _____________?


b sweets

C. Spreadsheet

D. Word processor

Answer: word processor

07._______________ Do the devices convert data and programs understandable to humans into a format that computers can process?

a. Printing

exit B

C. solid state

input D

Answer: input

08.Which function adjusts the top and bottom margins so that the text is vertically centered on the printed page?

A. Vertical Justification

b. vertical adjustment

C. Double centralization

D. Horizontal centrality

Answer: vertical justification

09. Which of the following is not a source of personal communication on the Internet?

A chat

B. Instant Messaging

C. Installation Note

e. Email

Answer: insta note

10.What is the general term for editing, formatting, storing, retrieving, and printing text documents?

A. Word processing

B. Spreadsheet layout

C Web Design

D. Database management

Answer: word processing

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