FIA/FBR UDC Syllabus 2023 Past Papers MCQs latest updates 2023

FIA FBR IB UDC syllabus 2023 test preparation online. FIA udc past papers pdf download and test preparation online download udc written test paper pattern.

FIA/FBR UDC Syllabus 2023 Past Papers MCQs:

UDC is an Upper Division Clerk jobs whose rank is greater than Lower Division Clerk. This job is basically for the Clerks who work on Computer. The Government sectors, Pakistan Forces sector, and Public sectors offer many jobs every year for the post of Upper Division Clerk. UDC employees must have a good computer knowledge skills, knowledge of MS, Power point, and Excel.

The applicants who have applied for UDC OM job post 2022/2023 in intelligence bureau IB now the time starts for the written test preparation. UDC post requires only written test not a typing test. The written test for the post of UDC consists of MCQs type questions. For the applied candidates here we provide syllabus and past papers for the written test preparation.

In FIA, UDC salary in Pakistan fia starting is Approximately Rs. 62,000 while in the other departments of federal LIKE FBR, employees receive 30,000 to 35,000 in start.

The most essential thing to know is that in FIA sector, UDC employees do not wear any uniform.

                                             UDC Test Syllabus:

Islamic Studies 20%

Pillars of islam
Quran Pak quiz

English 20%

Part-I Vocabulary, synonym, antonym, Grammar usage passiv & active voice and Sentence Structure.

Pak Study = 20 Marks

History Of Pakistan (Constitutional History of Pakistan)
Geography of Pakistan
Presidents of Pakistan Since 1947
Prime Ministers of Pakistan Since 1947
Pakistan Constitutional Amendments 1973
Pakistan General Information MCQs
General Knowledge of Pakistan

Current Affairs (World) = 20 Marks

UNO all Organization
Country Capitals and Currency
River & Sea
Current Head of International Organizations
Current World Leaders
World Ambassadors to Pakistan
Current Foreign Ministers
geography quiz

Posts relevant quiz / Computer basic = 20%

Computer relevant quiz about short key, MS world, power point for clerkly posts

(Notes) Not required Typing Test for UDC posts

                                                                          FIA UDC syllabus 2023
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Upper Division Clerk (UDC) is a good job Position to start A Career. The people are encouraged to apply after completing their Intermediate qualification. but I would suggest them to continue their education even after getting the job because, bright chances to promote in next level on high qualification base.

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