How to Use to Convert Images into Text: A Complete Guide

Image to Text Converter

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is a blessing in this age as it enables us Image to Text Converter (maybe a scanned document, a photo, subtitle text superimposed on an image, etc.)  into digital text. 

It has taken the place of manual extraction of text from images, saves massive time for professionals, and facilitates easy sharing of the converted text. is one of the perfect examples of OCR tools. It features the most advanced OCR models that can accurately copy text from images in a single click.

Its versatility, reliability, and free of cost usage make it a preferred choice for users, especially professionals.  

In this article, we will discuss the features, uses, pros, and cons to help other writers, journalists, content marketers, students, or educators take advantage of this efficient converter tool.  

Basics of is a free picture to text converter tool that operates on OCR technology. It is used to copy text from images that may be a hand-written document, printed, scanned, typed papers, or mobile images. 

It is capable of translating images in all languages, fonts, image formats, and sizes. Besides, its user-friendly interface, availability around the clock, and text extraction accuracy are some of its bonus benefits that you can have at no cost!

The tool has efficiently replaced the human effort of writing or typing to extract text from images. Thus, saves time, improves data accessibility, and provides easy sharing of documents in digital form. 

How Convert Images to Text? | Its Key Features

There was a time when people used to manually convert images to editable text word by word, it not only tiring, and consumed time, but also left room for human errors in writing. 

Nowadays, OCR tools have made it a breeze to copy text from images within a matter of seconds, they are available to human aid around the clock, and never get tired of performing the same function repeatedly.

  • Most Advanced OCR Tool 

The photo to text converter online features the most advanced and integrated OCR models that enable it to extract text from hand-written notes, typed, scanned, or printed documents, and screenshots captured on mobile phones.

  • Image to Text Converter Cum Translator 

It is capable of translating images in any language (Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, French, Spanish, etc.) into English language text. The extracted text will consist of both the original and English language text. 

  • Capable of Processing Multiple Images 

For the ease of users and to save time for professionals, the picture to text converter allows the processing of multiple images simultaneously for text extraction. 

It can handle 5 images per submission for compiled text extraction. This feature is also helpful in combined text extraction from different sources. 

  • Supports All Image Extensions 

PNG, JPG, GIF, and JPEG are the most commonly used image formats, and the good news is that this tool supports all these image extensions for text extraction. 

  • Smart Enough to Recognize Distracted Text & Diverse Fonts 

The capability of the image to text converter to recognize distorted text and diverse fonts including skewed are some of its additional features. 

  • User-Friendly, Free, & Available 24/7

The image to text converter is equally simple to use by professionals as well as novices, free for unlimited text extractions, and unlike human force, will be available to the user’s aid around the clock. 

How to Use Image to Text Converter? is extremely simple to use and does not require any expertise to deal with. You need to upload the image or images, click on the “Get Text” button, and let the tool work its magic!

  1. Upload the image (it should be less than 10MB and in PNG, JPG, GIF, or JPEG formats)
Image to Text Converter
  1. Click on the “Get Text” button and copy the extracted text 

Who can Use

Extracting text from images has become a necessity for every professional. Its user-friendly interface, versatile features, and accuracy of the Image to Text Converter make it an ideal choice for the following professionals and non-professionals: Image to Text Converter

  • Content Marketer

Editing, sharing of public feedback, reviews, surveys, etc. 

  • Journalists 

Extracting text from press releases, translating foreign newspapers, converting handwritten notes into editable text, and much more. 

  • Students, Researchers, and Educators

For translating e-books, extracting and compiling text from research data, converting handwritten notes into assignments, etc. 

  • Other Professionals 

Such as health workers, lawyers, bloggers, etc. can take advantage of this efficient converter tool for effortless conversion of images into editable and shareable text. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Free to use 
  • Fastest alternative to manual Image to Text Converter
  • Support PNG, JPG, GIF, & JPEG image extensions 
  • Recognize distracted text & diverse fonts 
  • Multilinguistic image to text extraction 
  • Fast, accurate, and efficient 
  • Process up to 05 images per attempt 
  • Capable of handling varying image sizes 
  • Improved data acesisbility
  • Facilitate easy editing and sharing of the documents/data/information 
  • The safest alternative to paper form of documents 


  • Only available online 
  • Post-text extraction requires editing 

Summary is an all-in-one platform for accurate, efficient, and effortless conversion of images to text. 

Its versatility in terms of compatibility with all image formats, batch image processing, recognizing diverse fonts, distracted text, and translating all languages are its standing-out features. 

It is beneficial in enhancing data accessibility, easy translation and digitization of documents, and saving massive time, energy, and other resources. 

If you are a journalist, content marketer, student, educator, etc., and looking for the most versatile and efficient Image to Text Converter, you can confidently select this amazing tool. 

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