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Pakistan increases petrol price by Rs22 per litre

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan increases petrol price interim government is set to jack up the prices of petroleum products by Rs 10-24 per litre for the next fortnight, further burdening inflation hit people who are hit by electricity bills.

Recent posts on social media sites show the new petrol price at Rs312 after a whopping increase of Rs22 per litre, and the diesel price clocked at Rs323 after a Rs19.60 hike.

As the post created a frenzy among Pakistanis, let it be known that the government of Pakistan has not shared the price update being circulated online.

Pakistan increases petrol price

Sources familiar with the development revealed that the government may raise the price of petroleum products attributing to rising oil prices in global markets, and massive depreciation of local currency.

The increase can jump up to Rs 24 per litre if the government adjusts the exchange rate losses, as authorities planned to pass on the impact of currency devaluation to the masses.

Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan

As of now, Pakistan increases petrol price stands at Rs290.45 and diesel price stands at Rs293.40.

As the Pakistani rupee remains under pressure, the price of petrol could go up by over Rs10 per litre and will cross the Rs300 mark.

With the new price in effect, the price of High-Speed Diesel will increase by Rs20 per litre and is expected to rise to Rs313.40 per litre. Other petroleum products like Kerosene oil and Light Speed Diesel may see a surge by up to Rs14 per litre.

In last fortnight’s review, Pakistan increases petrol price and collectively, the price of fuel saw a rise of around Rs40 per litre.

The price hike will add to the woes of Pakistanis as Inflation in Pakistan is likely to increase for all commodities after the price change.

Pakistan increases petrol price

The caretaker government has clarified that a notification announcing a Rs22 hike in petrol prices is fake.

The fake notification had said that petrol prices had been raised to Rs312.

A statement from the Ministry of Finance said that the decision on petrol prices, effective for the next fortnight, will be taken later on Thursday.

The petroleum division at the Ministry of Finance announces petroleum prices every fortnight on the recommendation of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra).

Pakistan increases petrol price

At the end of August, the government is scheduled to announce prices for the next week, beginning September 1.

Given the rupee depreciation and rising oil prices on the international market, it was expected that the caretaker would increase prices by around Rs15 per litre.

Petrol Fuel Prices in Pakistan Today

Pakistan increases petrol price have been rising gradually and reaching a high with time. Here you can check daily petrol price updates & history in Pakistan. Here is all about petroleum products and new petrol prices in Pakistan as of today 31-08-2023 taken from OGRA and followed by Shell, PSO etc.

Current Petrol Prices

After many price hikes of petroleum products announced by the government, Pakistan increases petrol price current price of petrol in Pakistan is 290.45 Rs, High-Speed Diesel is Rs. 293.4/Ltr and Speed Diesel is Rupees 147.68/Ltr. The Pakistan increases petrol price or decreases these rates on the 1st and 16th of every month. CNG Price in Region-I is Rs. 220/Ltr and in Region-II is Rs. 220/Kg.

Fuel TypePriceOld PricePrice Change% Price Change
Petrol Euro 5 / V Power320 Rs./Ltr292.88 Rs./Ltr+27 Rs./Ltr8.5 %
Petrol Super
پٹرول کی قیمت
290.45 Rs./Ltr272.95 Rs./Ltr+17 Rs./Ltr6 %
High Speed Diesel
293.4 Rs./Ltr273.4 Rs./Ltr+20 Rs./Ltr6.8 %
Light Speed Diesel147.68 Rs./Ltr147.68 Rs./Ltr
Kerosene Oil
مٹی کا تیل
164.07 Rs./Ltr164.07 Rs./Ltr
CNG Region 1
سی این جی
220 Rs./KG210 Rs./KG+10 Rs./KG4.5 %
CNG Region 2
سی این جی
220 Rs./KG210 Rs./KG+10 Rs./KG4.5 %
Electricity Home
گھر کی بجلی
50 Rs./Kw50 Rs./Kw
High-Speed Diesel
120 Rs./Kw120 Rs./Kw

Notified Petroleum Prices

What is the price of petrol in Pakistan today?

Petrol Euro 5 / V Power
320 Rs./Ltr : +27 Rs./Ltr
Petrol Super پٹرول کی قیمت
290.45 Rs./Ltr
Change price: +17 Rs./Ltr
High-Speed Diesel ڈیزل
293.4 Rs./Ltr
+20 Rs./Ltr

What is the price of petrol in Peshawar?

Whenever there is any change in the price of petrol, people want to check the new price of petrol. Check now the latest Pakistan increases petrol price. The price of petrol in Peshawar is Rs 290.45 per litre.

What is the cost of 1 litre of petrol?

The price of petrol (per litre) in Pakistan today is 290 Rs

How much is 1 litre of petrol in Pakistan today?

The latest Pakistan increases petrol price in Pakistan today in Pakistani Rupees is 290.45 Rs. per Litre.4.07.
High Speed Diesel: Rs. 293.40 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel: Rs. 147.68 /Ltr


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