Latest Patrol Prices In Pakistan May 2023

Patrol Prices In Pakistan

Patrol Prices In Pakistan. The Federal Government has decided to keep gasoline prices in Pakistan unchanged for the next fortnight from May 31, 2023, to June 15`, 2023. According to the details, high-speed gasoline and diesel ( LDO) prices will remain unchanged, while Kerosene and Light Gas Oil (LDO) will be reduced during the next fortnight.

According to the announcement, the price of gasoline in Pakistan will remain unchanged while the price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) has also remained unchanged for the first half of June 2023. However, the price of kerosene oil and light diesel (LDO) has been reduced by Rs 5 per liter respectively.

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Gasoline price in Pakistan remains unchanged at Rs. 262.00 per liter, while High-Speed Diesel (HSD) will remain at Rs. 293.00 per liter. Meanwhile, the new kerosene oil price will be Rs. 153.29 per liter and the price of Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is now Rs. 155.68 per liter.

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Detail of Patrol Prices In Pakistan:-

Diesel (HSD)
Kerosene Oil163.29162.29-10.00
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)160.68147.68-10.00

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The latest diesel and gasoline prices in Pakistan will come into effect from midnight on June 1, 2023, for the first half of the month.

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“In the bi-weekly review of petroleum products, the Government decided to keep the current prices of MS (gasoline) and high-speed diesel unchanged and a decrease of Rs. 5/Liter in the prices of Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel Oil until June 15, 2023,” the notification said.

Here is a copy of the notification:-

Patrol Prices In Pakistan
Patrol Prices In Pakistan