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New Rates of Riyal Rate in Pakistan 2023

Rates of Riyal Rate in Pakistan

Rates of Riyal Rate in Pakistan. Due to the religious connection, the ties between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have always been very cordial and caring. Pakistan is considered Saudi Arabia’s closest Muslim ally. A large number of Pakistanis throughout the year continue to visit the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Pakistan has also been helping Saudi Arabia with its defense requirements, being a nuclear power. Even during the war with India, Saudi Arabia sided with Pakistan and in 1971 opposed the creation of Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia has also given Pakistan a lot of help in the educational and religious sectors. It has been assisting Pakistan in building multiple mosques and madrasahs. Islamabad’s famous Faisal Mosque is named after King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Even the city of Lyallpur was renamed Faisalabad in 1977, after King Faisal.

Detail of Rates of Riyal Rate in Pakistan:-

01-04-2023 SAR75.5 PKR76.5 PKR
31-03-2023 SAR75.5 PKR76.5 PKR
30-03-2023 SAR75.6 PKR76.4 PKR
29-03-2023 SAR75.5 PKR76.3 PKR
28-03-2023 SAR76 PKR76.7 PKR
27-03-2023 SAR76 PKR76.7 PKR
26-03-2023 SAR75.4 PKR76.2 PKR
25-03-2023 SAR75.4 PKR76.2 PKR
24-03-2023 SAR75.4 PKR76.2 PKR
23-03-2023 SAR75.4 PKR76.2 PKR
22-03-2023 SAR75.4 PKR76.2 PKR
21-03-2023 SAR75.4 PKR76.2 PKR
20-03-2023 SAR75.2 PKR76 PKR
19-03-2023 SAR75.2 PKR76 PKR
18-03-2023 SAR75.2 PKR76 PKR
17-03-2023 SAR75.2 PKR76 PKR
16-03-2023 SAR75 PKR75.8 PKR
15-03-2023 SAR75 PKR75.8 PKR
14-03-2023 SAR74.7 PKR75.5 PKR
13-03-2023 SAR75 PKR75.75 PKR
12-03-2023 SAR74.3 PKR75.1 PKR
11-03-2023 SAR74.3 PKR75.1 PKR
10-03-2023 SAR74.3 PKR75.1 PKR
09-03-2023 SAR74.2 PKR75 PKR
08-03-2023 SAR73.5 PKR74.2 PKR
07-03-2023 SAR73.3 PKR74 PKR
06-03-2023 SAR74.2 PKR74.9 PKR
05-03-2023 SAR74.2 PKR74.9 PKR
04-03-2023 SAR74.2 PKR74.9 PKR
03-03-2023 SAR74.2 PKR74.9 PKR
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Rates of Riyal Rate in Pakistan
Rates of Riyal Rate in Pakistan