12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise Short & Long Questions:-

Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper
12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise
12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise

12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise.
shared an informative academic article for 12th-grade students titled “12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapterwise Short & Long Questions.” Faced with challenges in preparing for Chemistry short and long questions, students enrolled in FSc and studying in their second year can now benefit from ilmStar.com’s efficient method of preparing all crucial Chapter-wise questions for 12th Chemistry. This resource allows students to save time and accelerate their 12th Chemistry preparation process.

Detail of 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise:-

Important Long Questions:-

  • Melting and boiling points are important properties of substances.
  • Metallic character refers to the tendency of an element to exhibit metallic properties.
  • Oxidation state is a measure of the degree of oxidation of an atom in a chemical compound.
  • Hydration energy refers to the energy released or absorbed when a substance dissolves in water.
  • The position of hydrogen is significant in the periodic table due to its unique characteristics.

Important Short Questions:-

  • Lanthanide contraction is a phenomenon.
  • Hydration energy is another concept.
  • Hydration energy increases left to right in a period.
  • ZnO is an amphoteric oxide.
  • Proofs can be shown through reactions.
  • Questions 7 to 13 are part of an exercise.


  • Peculiar behavior of lithium
  • Down cell, diaphragm cell
  • Solubility of sulphates and carbonates of alkali and alkaline metals
  • Reaction of alkali metals with oxygen and water
  • Preparation of plaster of Paris from gypsum
  • Use of KO2 by mountaineers for breathing
  • Basic nature of Na2CO3 solution
  • Question 7(B) and 9(B) from exercise


  • Preparation methods of borax
  • Uses of borax and boric acid
  • Effect of heat on borax
  • Peculiar behavior of carbon
  • Question 9 from exercise
  • Borax bead test


  • Manufacturing of nitric acid
  • Allotropes of phosphorus
  • Comparison of sulfur and oxygen
  • Manufacturing of sulfuric acid
  • Laughing gas and aqua regia
  • Use of HNO3
  • Reactions of nitric acid with various substances
  • Ring test for the confirmation of nitrate ions
  • Reactivity of white phosphorus compared to red phosphorus
  • Reactions of P203 and P205 with water
  • P205 as a powerful dehydrating agent
  • Similarities and dissimilarities of sulfur and oxygen
  • 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise


  • Disproportionation reaction and example
  • Increasing acidic strength of oxyacids of halogens with oxygen atoms
  • Available chlorine
  • Use of bleaching powder
  • Question 7 and 8 from exercise


  • Typical and non-typical transition elements
  • Melting point and its trend
  • Binding energy and its trend
  • Question 11 from exercise
  • 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise


  • Peculiar nature of carbon
  • Transformation of wood to coal (anthracite)
  • Carbonization of coal
  • Significance of Friedrich Drk
  • Functional groups and functional isomerism
  • Homocyclic and heterocyclic compounds
  • Cyclic and alicyclic compounds
  • Question 15 from exercise


  • Acidic nature of alkynes
  • Halogenation of alkanes
  • Kolbe’s electrolytic methods
  • Question 8(A) and 23(A) from exercise
  • Baeyer’s test and its use
  • Markownikov’s rule and an example
  • Obtaining trans-alkene by partial hydrogenation of alkynes
  • Products of catalytic oxidation of methane
  • Mustard gas
  • 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise


  • Differentiation between mono and polycyclic aromatic compounds
  • Preparation of m-dinitrobenzene and maleic acid from benzene
  • Information obtained from X-ray analysis of benzene
  • Conversion of benzene to benzoic acid
  • Reactivity of alkenes compared to benzene
  • Resonance structures of benzene and their contributions
  • Reasons for different products in nitration reactions
  • Question 14 from exercise

Chapter-10 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise:

  • Reactivity of alkyl halides
  • Electrophiles and nucleophiles
  • Grignard reagent and its preparation
  • Obtaining 2-butanol and tertiary alcohol from ethyl magnesium bromide
  • Questions 8 and 12 from exercise


  • Conversion of ethanal to lactic acid
  • Tollen’s test and its alternative name
  • Mechanism of addition of HCN to acetone
  • Reduction of carbonyl compounds
  • Polarity present in carbonyl group
  • Questions 14, 16, and 17 from exercise

Chapter-13 12th Chemistry Important Questions Chapter wise:

  • Hydrolysis of esters to carboxylic acid
  • Difference between aromatic carboxylic acid and fatty acids
  • Strecker synthesis
  • Preparation of acetic acid from ethyne


  • Micronutrients and macronutrients
  • Quantity of nutrients required per acre
  • Phosphatic fertilizers
  • Benefits provided to plants or soil
  • Raw materials required for the preparation of cement
  • Essential qualities of a good fertilizer

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