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2nd Year Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper 2023

Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper

Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper.
Rozigo shared an extremely useful & informative educational piece for 12th-grade students titled “2nd Year Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper 2023 PDF”. Those pursuing FSc (Pre-Engineering or Pre-Medical) and studying in the 2nd year often encounter significant challenges while preparing for chemistry short questions. ilmStar.com presents the most convenient method to prepare all essential chemistry questions for 2nd-year students by providing a single PDF page, enabling them to save time and prepare for 12th-grade chemistry rapidly.

Detail of Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper:-

This PDF page contains essential short questions for chemistry in the 12th class. Students can download or read it online on our website.

12th Chemistry Very Important Short Questions Guess Paper 2021:-

  • Diamond is a non-conductor, while graphite is a good conductor.
  • “Electron Affinity” is defined, and the second electron affinity value is positive.
  • The first ionization energy of Mg is greater than that of Na.
  • The Borax bead Test is defined.
  • NO acts as an oxidizing agent.
  • Dinitrogen oxide is called Laughing gas.
  • H3P04 is prepared on a large scale.
  • Urea is prepared from Ammonia.
  • Micronutrients are required for proper plant growth.
  • Potash fertilizer has significance.
  • Portland cement is made, and gypsum is added to it.
  • HF is a weak acid.
  • Four uses of Bleaching powder are mentioned.
  • Bleaching powder can act as an oxidizing agent.
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are defined, and two examples are given.
  • The structural formulas of Naphthalene and Diphenylmethane are provided.
  • The cyclic structure of benzene can be proved.
  • During the Friedel Crafts reaction, benzene undergoes changes. The mechanism of one reaction is explained.
  • Ozonolysis: explanation needed
  • Difference between Aldehyde and Ketone: explanation needed
  • Tollen’s test: alternative name is the silver mirror test
  • Silver mirror test: example needed
  • Vinegar: preparation from ethyl alcohol needed
  • Homocyclic or Heterocyclic compounds: explanation needed
  • Amines and Imines: example of each needed
  • Geometrical isomerism: explanation with examples needed
  • Cis-Trans Isomerism: example needed
  • Alkanes are less reactive than Alkenes, comment required
  • Polymerization: explanation needed, preparation of high-quality polyethylene from ethene
  • Alkane’s least reactivity: explanation needed
  • Mechanism of SN1 reactions needed
  • Nucleophile and substrate defined with an example
  • Rectified spirit: explanation needed, obtaining absolute alcohol from it
  • Oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols needed

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Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper
Chemistry Important Short Questions Guess Paper

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