Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s ex-president, dies aged 79

Pervez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf Former Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf, who seized power in a 1999 coup, has died aged 79.

The former president – who was president between 2001 and 2008 – died in Dubai after a long illness, according to a statement from the country’s army.

He had survived numerous assassination attempts and was on the front lines of the fighting between militant Islamists and the West. Pervez Musharraf

He supported America’s “war on terror” after 9/11 despite domestic opposition.

In 2008 he suffered defeat at the polls and left the country six months later.

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When he returned in 2013 to try to contest the election, he was arrested and banned from running. He was accused of high treason and sentenced to death in absentia only to have the decision reversed less than a month later.

He left Pakistan for Dubai in 2016 to seek medical treatment and has been living in exile in the country ever since.

Transmission: Parviz Musharraf

After seizing power in a 1999 coup, Musharraf survived numerous assassination attempts and found himself on the front lines of the struggle between militant Islam and the West.

In particular, he formed an alliance with the United States, claiming that it helped him modernize Pakistan and improve the economy.

But in 2008, the career soldier suffered defeat at the polls and was forced out of office. His political career ultimately ended in disgrace and arrest: he was sentenced to death in absentia for treason in 2019.

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He was allowed to leave Pakistan in 2016 for medical treatment, meaning the sentence was unlikely to be carried out. But it was a humiliating first time for the military, which has ruled the country for long periods.

In June 2022, following premature reports of Musharraf’s death in Dubai, his family announced that there was little chance that he would recover from multiple organ failure related to a rare disease he suffered from, amyloidosis.

Early years:-

Pervez Musharraf was born in Delhi on 11 August 1943, but his family joined millions of other Muslims in the newly created Pakistan, following the partition of India in 1947 after British rule ended.

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He attended school in Karachi and Lahore before entering the Pakistan Military Academy in 1961.

He served in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 and in the second conflict between the countries five years later, by which time he was a company commander.

Musharraf rose to the top job in 1998 when Pakistan’s army chief, Gen Jehangir Karamat, resigned two days after calling for the army to be given a key role in the country’s decision-making process.

Many observers took the resignation as a sign that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political power had become strong enough to secure the long-term future of civilian administrations

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Pervez Musharraf

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