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Earn money by selling study documents

Earn money by selling study documents

Earn up to $5,000 USD a month. We share your docs with 10’s millions of students. You get up to $10 every time a student views one. Earn money by selling study documents


High quality: All uploaded content will be checked for quality. High-quality content includes past assignments, quiz and exam prep, and class notes. Proper categorization: Make sure to properly categorize all your content with university and course names. Earn money by selling study documents

Meaningful: All content must provide educational value.


Low quality: Content of low quality will be rejected.

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Not strong categorization: Failing to mark content university or course will be rejected.

Not meaningful: Content that does not add educational value will be rejected.

Studypool is an online platform that connects students with academic questions with quality tutors who can help them. Using Studypool gives you access to thousands of verified tutors 24/7. Stuck on a frustrating question? Our tutors have you covered!

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Step 1: Earn money by selling study documents

Sign up and post your academic question. Set a time limit and price range. Choose to make the post anonymous if you do not want your username to be seen. You have the option to make the question private. If you’re in a time crunch, select “study emergency.”

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Step 2

Receive bids from verified tutors who want to help you. You have the option to select a tutor by comparing reviews, statistics, and profiles or have Studypool auto-match you based on who our moderators think would provide the best answer.

Step 3

Your tutor will start helping you right away. Use the messenger feature if you’re looking to have an interactive experience or need to further explanation on a question. You only pay if you are satisfied with the session.

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Payment: Earn money by selling study documents

For your convenience, Studypool accepts payments via credit and debit cards as well as several digital wallets. Studypool charges students for their questions only after they select a tutor to work with or after choosing to be auto-matched to a tutor. Tutors are not paid until the student has reviewed the question or 72 hours after the time the limit has passed, so if you’ve not satisfied with an answer, you can always request a refund.

Earn money by selling study documents

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